"Building Hope in the Lives of Others, One Life at A Time"


Who We Are

Who We Are

Who We Are

Building Hope Inc. provides opportunity for people of all race, ethnic orientation, gender and diversity to serve its local community and assist those that are seeking to serve the community.

Mission Statement

The mission of Building Hope Inc. is to assist displaced single parents with children throughout the Washington Metropolitan Area with housing, employment and supportive services for an extended period to stabilize their circumstances.  At the end of this extended period, we transition the family to independence, complete with home furnishings, referrals and stability. Building Hope Inc. is a " full comprehensive program".  

About Us 

Building Hope Inc. is a  non-profit organization founded in 2003 by Coressa Williams with a mission to make a difference in the lives of others by offering a positive environment and lifestyle. We are recognized by the IRS as a 501c3 Public Charity  Tax Exempt Organization.  Our housing program is supported by Home Depot, providing necessary supplies to ensure that all upgrades are maintained.  Family Furniture and Cort Furniture are Corporate partners which provide home furnishings to each home.  It is our goal to "bridge the gap" for families as they are transitioning through divorce, domestic violence or simple displacement after the loss of  employment. Without affordable housing in the community, the "working poor" are a  staggering statistic and seemingly lost in the community.  We want to assure that these families are able to fulfill their hopes and dreams. We currently accept housing referrals from more than 15 organizations and assist more than 500 families in any given year. 

Our Program

Building Hope Inc. receive calls from local organizations, Department of Social Services, the faith-based community and private entities identifying a family in crisis and inquiring how a family may receive services provided through Building Hope Inc. We currently offer the following services:

                                        Temporary/Permanent Housing

                                        Employment Referrals

                                        Furniture Vouchers

                                        Supportive Services

 Housing Building Hope Inc. provides temporary affordable housing for displaced single mothers ONLY in crisis to "bridge the gap"  between homelessness and independence. We provide this service for  qualified applicants leasing space on a month-to-month basis located within County boundaries. Incoming calls are screened to determine that our program can assist with their present condition.  Upon making such determination, applicants are required to complete an intake application, then followed up by an in-person interview with Building Hope Inc. staff  members. Upon successfully completing this process, the family will be placed on a list for the next available housing match.  Since this program is for single women only, only authorized males (childrens" father) are allowed in the premise without prior approval.

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Building Hope Inc. partners with local employers to  assist community residence with employment referrals.  It is essential for all families to be able to maintain or increase their current standard of living. 

 Furniture Vouchers

Building Hope Inc. receives furniture from local retailers to assist needy community families.  All residential properties are fully furnished through the furniture voucher program. Families are permitted to keep the furniture when they emancipate to independence to begin their life to full independence. 

Supportive Services

Building Hope Inc. had established partnerships with local community schools, churches and other outreach areas and assist in providing monthly household supplies, empowerment events, tickets to major sporting events and other services as needed.

Outreach Program 

Building Hope Inc. hose an annual Princess For A Day, which is a program designed to expose girls between the ages of 3-13 with walking the Red Carpet and being empowered to understand the Princess within. 



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